Bajaj Allianz Health Guard Individual-Features and benefits

Bajaj Allianz Health Guard Individual-Features and benefits
Age limits Minimum age-18 years, Maximum age- 65 years. You can also cover Children of the ages between 3 months and 25  years. Under this policy.
Basis of this plan Individual and Family floater
Policy Period One(1) year.Grace period of 30 days is allowed.
Is it renewable Lifelong
Medical examination It is mandatory for people who are more than 46 years old.
Sum Insured Range- Rs.1,50,000 to 10,00,000.
Discount 10% discount in case of family enrolled under this policy.
For all claim free years 10% cumulative bonus is available as dicsount.
Co-Payments For treatment done in a non network hospital 10% of expenses needs to be paid.
For applicants above the age of 56 years 20% is applicable.
What all is included For Pre-hospitalisation -Expenses up to 60 days prior to hospitalisation would be covered
For Post-hospitalisation- Expenses upto 90 days following hospitalisation would be covered
For treatment done in a non-network hospital expenses would be reimbursed.
Rs 1000 for Ambulance charges are also covered.
Policy covers upto 130 day care procedures.
Pre-existing conditions are covered however after a period of 48 months. 
Waiting period of 2 years for diseases like ulcers, hernia, endometriosis etc.
During the first 30 days of the policy only accidental injuries will be covered.
Benefits or advantages Company will pay for 100% of the cost of medicals taken prior to purchase of policy.
Free health check-up at specified diagnostic centres
You can cancel the policy upto 15 days i.e. Free look period of 15 days is available.
Tax benefits available for premiums paid U/S 80D of the IT Act
After taking of claim you don't have to worry about increased premiums. 
Option of increasing the sum insured at the time of renewal of policy.
Portability is allowed and that too without loss of  accrued benefits
Exclusions- What all is excluded Treatment cost for self-inflicted injuries are excluded
Admission to hospital for diagnostic examination.
Treatment of donor for the purpose of organ transplants
Hospitalisation due to acts of war or exposure to nuclear, biological or radiation hazards
Medical expenses are not reimbursable in case of unnecessary hospitalisation.
Experimental treatments or treatments that are not allopathic
Mental disorders
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